What this is all about. Revised 6.22.07.

I'm an animal person. If you don't know what that is, go find out. I've been aware of therianthropy, which is another word for this sort of thing, for about five years—since the summer of '03, more or less. I've been aware that I was partly not human for quite a bit longer than that.

This section isn't a guide or an explanation. This is not a detailed, systematic, newbie-guidebook site. It's a description of the thoughts in my head regarding animal people—and these thoughts might be useful to some, but on no account should you take Absurdism to be a source of advice.

I have never been a member of a larger therian community, and I'm comfortable with that. In the essays on this website, I use the word "therianthropy" for the sake of convenience, but I'm quite different from most people who call themselves therians. (If you think of yourself as therian, pagan, or otherkin, you may disagree with a fair amount of what I have to say.) I also use the phrase "animal person," but the ambiguity of that term can be unhelpful in certain contexts. Basically, no matter what terminology I'm using, I define myself as a human-bodied person who often thinks and acts the way a leopard does. And that's what this bit of Absurdism is all about.

I write this stuff because I think it has meaning, it has a larger purpose, it needs to get out there. Some is nonsensical and rambly and too personal. Some is sharp and intelligent and gives people a new way to look at themselves. The line between those two sorts of writing isn't always so clear.

If you're offended or amused, so be it: I'm a straightforward person and this is me. I'm telling the truth as best I can. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

Drop your feedback at my email (it's "quil" @ this domain) if you've got any questions about the website, flames, or fan mail.

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