Animal People

Or "therianthropy." Whichever you prefer.

what this is all about

Animality Defined
so what am I talking about anyway?

I Live in Fear
appreciate what you have

One Paw in the Galaxies
archetypes versus the "real" thing

Out Of Housecat Mode
letting loose, and alone

The Thwack
noticing it for the first time

"Know Thyself, Know Thy Animal"
why personal animalness can't be ignored

Leopard Is
the personality of panthera pardus as I experience it

The Ecstatic Name
why words don't have to matter

Memories of Palm
Emily Dickinson on cats in cages

One for Sorrow
crow and shift and me

I Know I'm a Cat
felinity and the self

Why We're Big, Scary Animals
it's not delusions of grandeur

In a Lawn Chair on the Fourth of July
perception of fireworks

Blurry Notability
animal identity's "importance" in a human world

what it feels like with friends

Cat: Concrete
it isn't a daydream; it's reality, and it feels that way

On Human Universals
feline experience filtered through a primate's body