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The word is translated into English as "cats." The cats of Kemet, the cats of Egypt -- some are wildcats, lions, leopards, and some are gods. Who can tell which is which? Who says cats aren't gods, anyway?

Read. Look around. Submit your favorite rite, a photograph of your altar, a scholarly essay. Cats are gods, particularly in Kemet, and they love their shrines as well as human gods do.

This is a simple website. You won't find spinning ankhs, half-assed anime drawings of Sekhmet, or stories about "astral journeys" with "Bastet." We respect the divine felinity that is so well-represented in the Kemetic pantheon. Bast, Sekhmet, Mafdet, Maihes, Pakhet ... Mut and Nit and Tefnut in their cat-headed forms ...

Em hotep to you, visitor. Browse awhile; even submit your own work. Thanks for coming here.