Conworlding is a rich exercise in imagination: the creation, in broad sweeps or tiny details, of places and civilizations which don't exist. This is mine. The world is located in a solar system similar to ours. It's inhabited by an intelligent species (bipedal, with opposable thumbs and a human-like larynx and mouth); they're small and nub-tailed, with pale fur, short snout, wide flat nose. As with the Earth, this world doesn't possess one name. For the sake of description, I'll call it Kaseftibalas, "the home of the people."

To navigate the website, click the boxes at the far right. The world is detailed according to my current skills. I've got more material on culture than on astronomy, although I'm working on starlore as well; I've also got, as well as writings, samples of artwork and maps.

headshot   Kotukoe bust

Above left: a Sciidh potter's quick sketch, as a gift to her apprentice, shows the basic species' form. Note the ear-tufts, the short mane beginning at the upper forehead, and the human-like mouth with lower-lip tattooing.

Above right: a Kotukoë clay bust of a young cub. With no tufts or mane, and (in Kotukoë style) large, round, less human-looking eyes.