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From Poems

I'm doing this sort of project wherein I icon-ize poems, usually only the most interesting (to me) stanzas, line by line. Here are a few. The icons stand alone, although weirdly, but are also part of a larger context. I'm using mostly rhyming poems for these, because the rhyme lends a nice consistency to the whole thing. And I always liked rhymes anyway.

First Stanza of Song — John Donne

goandcatch (22K) getwithchild (24K) tellmewhere (28K) orwhocleft (24K) teachmeto (26K) ortokeep (22K) andfindwhat (28K)

First Stanza of The Moon is Distant from the Sea — Emily Dickinson

themoonis (25K) andyetwith (26K) sheleadshim (26K) alongappointed (28K)

First Stanza of To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence — James Elroy Flecker

iwhoam (24K) andwrotethis (27K) sendyoumy (26K) thewayi (29K)