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If an icon is clickable (this is indicated by a thick brown border, making it slightly higher than the rest of the icons) it will lead to a footnote at the bottom of the page which describes any special credits or explanations that the icon needs. Please check to see if there's a footnote before you download anything.

If a picture appears transparent on this background, it will display as transparent on LJ—none of the icons have the exact same color as the background of this website. ;)

coyote (26K) lilith (29K) nut (22K) sacredchao (26K) theban (16K) pagan (37K) odhinn2 (22K) eris (31K) kali (27K) wesir (30K) hailkemet (30K) triskele (2K) hera (23K) asetra (29K) ancientmysteries (25K) pentared (29K) pentagold (29K) pentablue (29K) pentaviolet (29K) bacchus (25K) serqet (32K) ra (28K) likewesir (27K) lakshmi (31K) artemis (24K) selene (24K) mercury (23K) celticrecon (27K) threecrescents (21K) vodoudoll (28K) abra (1K) pentapng (13K) crone (30K) 3fold (25K)


  1. (Silly animated icon of a bunch of famous pagans.) That picture of Silver Ravenwolf is a press-kit picture. It is, however, not actually mine.
  2. (Eris holding golden apple.) The Eris graphic was made by the lovely folks at Please credit them, even if you're not planning on crediting me.
  3. (Every time you break the Rede...) This is, entertainingly enough, the usericon of the dot_pagan_snark community at LJ.
  4. (Bast's feline head.) This picture is the Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust, 2001.