Or, rather, not quite. Last updated 10.10.07.

I'm Quil, which is a name that's not short for anything, and which doesn't mean anything except me. It's pronounced like the similarly-spelled word for a feather, and I've been using it since 2004, when it came (yeah, this is really trite) in a dream. Sometimes people call me Switcher, which refers to switching from human to animal. I have a couple of different names that I use in real life but they don't matter here.

I am generally fairly personable, but also fairly blunt and alert and no-bullshit. I like useful things, staying quiet, common sense, and thinking big thoughts. Nothing extraordinary there.

I am interested and also, I think, reasonably interesting.

Some concepts/ideas which apply to me: I'm an animal person, a leopard, which is clear enough to see. I haven't narrowed down a subspecies and don't need to bother with doing so, since there isn't much behavioral difference. That explains my preference for using cats—rather than, say, wolves—as examples in my essays. I shift between 'pard and human daily, and try to carve out time in my schedule where I can be as feline as I like. Doesn't always work out, but a cat can hope.

I'm a guy (ftm trans) who sometimes tends towards androgyny and genderlessness.

Religion-wise, I'm a polytheist and pluralist; I acknowlege some sort of existence of the gods, and respect them, but I'm not particularly any religion. My patron is possibly/probably Bast, but I deal with the rest of the Kemetic pantheon as well. I work with the Kemetic ideas/gods because they have a lot of mythology that touches me deeply. I don't know, and don't think it's possible to know, whether the gods are literally real beings, but either way, I would like to formalize my respect for what they stand for through the use of religious rituals.

I write a whole lot: novels, short stories, essays, an occasional half-finished poem. Some of it stinks, some of it's nifty. I've participated in (and won!) NaNoWriMo four times. (The username there is _Switcher.)

I do rock climbing and linguistics, coding, a little cartooning, graphic design, naturalism, magic, LGBT/feminist advocacy and activism. A lot, really.

I like stories and I think a lot of them are a lot more real than we credit them for.

My email is my name at, if you want to contact me. But please don't write me, tell me you're an animal, and then ask if I'd like to discuss your personal therianthropy/give advice/fawn on you. The answer is generally "nope." I am not disputing the validity of anyone's animality; I want people to stop thinking I'll care when they write "Listen up, Quil, this is my experience!"

I've never set myself up like that. I talk to a person. Talk to me, make sense, use good grammar. I promise I'll answer you and I might even be nice.