miwu: a calling

by Quil

O beautiful one,
whose tail is curled thrice around Per-Bast,
whose eyes are both Sopdet and sun!

Come forth, today, for I am Renenet who unveils the year--
I am Heka, Djehuty, I am the scribe of all the names.

I am child-of-cats, miw-sher is my true name, it is my correct name. Come open my eyes, for I am the gods in all their forms: unknown is my name. I am sesh, the ink-bearer. I am the seven Het-Herts with their strings of red thread: my name is Nut, Heru, Sekhmet drunk in crimson beer.

Tell me your name, your secrets: Small Cat is my true name, my correct name. I have knotted the twine four times, o for completion, o for the four paws of my guardian. Seven times I speak, mother. I am the Netjer with a skin made of stars. Heed!

Go forth, bring me your stories, for I am Heru the young, with his sidelock still grown. Raise yourself, do justice to me, I have more names than the Earth: all worlds are my name. You shall keep me, for I am Imhotep of the masons. I am Aset of wisdom, lady Het-hert, rivers and towns gather before me.

Speak to me, Great Cat. I am the names of all scribes and gods. Come before me and speak.

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