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co·balt, noun, from German Kobalt/Kobold, from Middle High German kobolt;
a metallic magnetic element, tough, and with a pale silvery color;
used in pigments to create a dark rich blue or a lustrous, translucent green.

Current plans for posts:
  1. Remove all the ads from a women's fashion magazine. See what the ratio of ad-to-text is. Analyze and remark on some of the ads and my general findings.
  2. Straight transmen and lesbian identity.
  3. Elaboration on my "'feminist' arguments against transpeople" bingo board.
  4. Media for kids which talks about "homosexual feelings" being normal, but which also stresses too much that the kid may turn out to be straight.
  5. Is it possible for someone to be heterosexual, but not straight?
  6. Singular they.
  7. Difference between "transgender" and "transsexual."
  8. "It is IMMENSELY screwed up to have so much hatred in you if you haven't been hated equally in turn." Stuff about that.
  9. Difference between "boi," "boy," "man," "male," "guy."
  10. Being agender.

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